It started like Väinö Linna's triology Under the North Star − first there was a man, pick and a bog. Well, we didn't have a bog but a rocky old seabed that was turned into a vegetable garden with swet and enthusiasm. First summer went in testing and brainstorming and now we are growing e.g. kale, onions, herbs, tomatoes, potatoes, and beans which are also used in our cooking events. 

Autumn 2016 was a test season for our apple and beetroot chutney sold through REKO, local foodmarket where producers sell their products directly to consumers. As we are following the growing season, chutneys will be sold only during autumn.


Interested in trying out new flavors or finding out interesting cross-kitchen recipes to try out yourself? Few times a year we are organizing cooking nights where an African style meal is being prepared and enjoyed together.

Having a bunch of friends or co-workers looking for an activity? We are also happy to organize a tailor-made cooking night to private groups. Please do not hesitate to contact us to chat more!