It started like Väinö Linna's triology Under the North Star − first there was a man, pick and a bog. Well, we didn't have a bog but a rocky old seabed that was turned into a vegetable garden with swet and enthusiasm. First summer went in testing and brainstorming and now we are approaching the first real farming season. Coming up at least kale, onions, herbs and beans.

Last autumn was a test season also for our apple and beetroot chutneys as well as for freshly made pasta sauce that were sold through REKO, local foodmarket where producers sell their products directly to consumers. As we are following the growing season, chutneys will be sold only during autumn − and in 2017 there will be also berry chutneys.

This year we are also going to launch a new vegatable delivery service.  By this service we wish to offer people living or staying in Vaasa an opportunity to get a bag of fresh vegetables delivered close to their homes. Delivery service will run once a week following a fixed delivery route. More info coming up closer to service launch in July 2017.

We'll be also in REKO Vaasa and Sulva delivery meetings, starting again in June.


Interested in trying out new flavors or finding out interesting cross-kitchen recipes to try out yourself? Few times a year we are organizing cooking nights where an African style meal is being prepared and enjoyed together. Below you'll find the dates and registration link for upcoming cooking nights.

COOKING NIGHT: kebabs and sweet potato fritters 1.6.2017

We are going to prepare pork and vegetable kebabs marinated in African style, served with sweet potato fritters. Priority of the evening is to have fun while learning something new. We are able to take 6 people into group.

Time: 17:00-20:30
Venue: Munsmo, Sulva
Price: 20
Register: By filling the booking form at latest on 30.4.

Having a bunch of friends or co-workers looking for an activity? We are also happy to organize a tailor-made cooking night to private groups. Please do not hesitate to contact us to chat more!