There are many definitions to responsible travel. According to UNESCO responsible and sustainable tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment. It seeks to provide people with an exciting and educational holiday that is also of benefit to the people of the host country.”

UNESCO identifies the following objectives for responsible travel:

  • To appreciate the benefits and problems arising from various forms of tourism, especially in terms of social equity and the environment
  • To develop a critical awareness of the ways in which tourism can enhance the welfare of people and protect our natural and cultural heritage
  • To promote a personal commitment to forms of tourism that maximize rather than detract from sustainable human development and environmental quality

What responsible traveling means to us?

Responsible travel means first of all responsibility and commitment: we want to highlight the social and environmental aspects while travelling in Africa. We follow the UNESCO definition by respecting the local people, cultural heritage, contemporary cultures, and the environment.

Inzwa Nordic & African Safaris aspires to be accountable for travelers, for local people, and for environment in the regions we travel within. We want to benefit the travelers by sharing information and by offering memorable experiences; and people in Africa by generating work and income opportunities and by making cultural interaction and knowledge sharing possible.

We are devoted to support local initiatives lead by community members.  With our Tamba Tamba Dancing Tour to Mozambique you will have the chance to work together with Biyombo Nhembe Dance Project trough the whole tour.

During the tours we discuss about the flora and fauna and the environmental impacts that certain activities have. Our guests will have more information about the needs for conservation in Africa. We respect the nature and see that Inzwa’s activities are as environmentally friendly as possible.

We also encourage people with special needs to travel by offering special arrangements for private tours.

How are we going to practice it?

Inzwa has two roles in working for more responsible travel. First of all we acknowledge the need for responsible and sustainable traveling that is fair and looks after the environment and the people in the destinations.  Our social conscience is high and we are very motivated to be as fair as possible.

Concrete examples:

  • We cooperate with Biyombo Nhembe Dance Project in Maputo, Mozambique
  • We seek to use locally owned businesses and buy services from small-scale entrepreneurs
  • We do our best to follow that the workers are treated well and earn a decent living in the companies we cooperate with
  • We buy groceries and crafts from local markets where women form a big share of entrepreneurs
  • We collect the garbage and see that it’s properly handled (until the level the circumstances allow)
  • We minimize flying and use other means of transport as much as possible
  • We don’t promote consumption of endangered species
  • We connect the travelers and locals, for example prepare and eat traditional meals together
  • We are promoting ideas of responsible travel and the importance of conservation while working with local entrepreneurs and communities.

Secondly we do acknowledge that one actor has limited resources and opportunities to create change. It would not be realistic to claim that we will change the world on our own, or even to influence whole communities through our activities. But we may change the lives of certain individuals and trigger positive development through our activities. We seek to create streams that might become a river one day.

Inzwa African Safaris’ role is to offer knowledge and opportunities towards cultural exchange and interaction while offering all guests a wonderful holiday at the same time! We would like to see that people are empowered and committed to the values of responsible travel.

Let’s get to know each other, care about one other, learn and have a lot fun!