For many, doing a safari in Africa is once in a lifetime experience. And even if this would be your third or fourth journey into this amazing continent, it is good to be in experienced and professional hands. Southern African countries, especially Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Malawi, are our home ground, but we do organize safaris to other countries as well on request, e.g. to Tanzania, Zambia or Botswana.

The travel process starts by making the itinerary. Based on customers wishes, ideas, and suggested budget frame we draft the itinerary explaining shortly the route, timetable and suggested activities for each day of the journey. Itinerary also comes with an estimated budget stating full price for the proposed plan.

We have a policy that most of tour costs are paid directly to each service provider during the tour e.g. accommodation directly to each hotel or lodge. Inzwa Nordic & African Safaris invoices only the guiding fees and costs that are paid after the tour. Running costs like fuel and groceries are covered from a petty cash that is collected on arrival.

After the itinerary has been agreed on, we send customers booking forms stating all the necessary information as well as tips for packing for the safari. We deal with all the bookings and preparations, and are available for any questions before the tour. On arrival each group will first meet the guide for a full pre-trip briefing before the departure. 

Booking a safari with Inzwa Nordic & African Safaris comes with certain assets:

  • The safari is planned based on your needs and wishes. Group sizes are kept small in order to genuinely offer an individual service, which means maximum 8 people per group. 
  • We have the privilege to be flexible. We can agree on dates, travel routes and duration based on customers needs and wishes. Customers may also influence on the price of the tour by choosing the accommodation, mode of transport etc. that suits their budget and preferred way of traveling.
  • Customers don’t need to pay the trip beforehand but mainly pay as you go, straight to local service providers. The guiding fees and costs are invoiced after the tour and running expenses for the tour are collected in cash on arrival. See more in booking terms.
  • We also have a selection of ready-made itineraries which can be modified according to customers needs. Did you like one of itineraries as it is? We also run few ready-made tours each year, and each itinerary can be booked for your private group as it is.
  • And last but not least – for us running tours is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. For this reason you will not be another customer in the row but every trip is unique and the guide as exited of it as you are :)

We are also happy to advice people who wish to travel themselves, for example to do a self-drive safari, but need information from an experienced guide. For consultation we charge 20€/hour (+VAT 24%). If you would like to order a full itinerary without utilizing our guiding service, please contact us for quotation. 

Cover photo: Gina del Mistro