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A growing number of researchers believe that outdoor activities and spending time in nature has many benefits in terms of health and well-being. And so do we! It has been proven that spending time in nature reduces stress levels and improves concentration. Hence outdoor activities are an excellent option for organization’s refreshment day, or for e.g. boosting up team’s planning day.


day out of office Cooking and hiking 

We are offering small groups (up to 15 people) a refreshment day package combining hiking and cooking − or you can choose only bush cooking without the hike. Our kitchen is global but ingredients local. Together we are going to prepare a delicious and healthy meal combining foods from different cultures by utilizing local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible.

Both options include spending time in nature, but if you wish to get some exercise or team-building activities into your day, we recommend taking the cooking and hiking option. The hike will be a relaxed guided walk following an easy nature path, but if you have a fit team and wish a challenge, we are happy to organize a proper wilderness day with longer and a more challenging hike.

All refreshment day packages will be adjusted according to your wishes and needs − please just contact us and we’ll see what would fit you! We are also open to adjust the content to fit the activities into your budget frame.

PRICES: Hiking and cooking 50€/person, global cooking 20€/person. VAT 24% will be added on all prices.

Price includes planning and conducting the agreed activities, planning the menu according to your diet requirements and wishes, and the meal that is prepared together. Price doesn’t include transport into selected destination or venue hire when applicable.

Tailor-made activities

Looking for something special for international visitors or wishing to combine e.g. cultural activities or cycling into your day out of office? Let’s see what we can come up with together! We are especially good in hosting multicultural groups and visitors from Africa would feel at home with us.