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Joining our family for a day gives you a great opportunity to explore local, and in our case multicultural, way of living here in Western Finland. You will also have an opportunity to explore close by attractions and to spend time in nature.


We are a family of three living in a red wooden house in the village called Munsmo about 15 kilometers from Vaasa town. If you are looking for a truly local but at the same time global experience, you are knocking the right door! Two of us have been born in Vaasa, one in Harare, and together we have so far lived in four different countries, not to mention tens of countries we have lived and visited together or separately. English is our home language, and we are more than happy to meet different people from all over the world.

What to do with us?

  • WOODEN ARCHITECTURE Our home village Munsmo is part of Sulva village with about 2600 residents. Our house represents very typical wooden architecture from the 1980’s, but in Sulva you will be able to view also wooden houses from the 19th and early 20th century. Open-air museum Stundars is just about 5 kilometers away, and a bike trip to there and back offers you a great journey back in time.

  • RISING LAND Our home is located in the edges of the village just before the sea, where used to be a vivid harbour and a public ferry was taking people over the bay to Vaasa. Nowadays the golden days of the harbour are gone − partly due the raising land phenomenon here in Kvarken as the bay is getting more shallow day by day. Walk to the harbour and around is a good way to find out a bit more about the rising land as well as to chill by the beach.

  • NATURE WALK Our house is embraced by a forest and fields meaning that you can start a small forest walk right from our doorstep. You can take a bit of time to relax and enjoy nature, maybe to pick and taste some blueberries or wild raspberries if on season, but still keep close to the house. During winter, if it has been cold enough, it is also possible to have a walk on the ice of the sea.

  • CULTURE As we are a mixed couple, we can also give you the chance to have a glimpse of modern multicultural life in Finland. Let’s sit down with tea and coffee and chat more about life.

  • METEORITE IMPACT For those wishing to see more during one day, cycling around the village or even to Söderjärden and back, is a good option. Söderfjärden plain is the result of a meteorite impact about 520 million years ago. Its meteorite edges are well preserved and visible today, and only about 10 kilometers from us. Söderfjärden has also a visiting center called Meteoria which consists of an exhibition, an astronomical observatory, a bird-watching tower and an energy cellar. In autumn the fields of Söderfjärden also serve as a resting point for thousands of cranes moving towards South.

  • GARDEN(ING) During summer time we are also growing different organic vegetables in the garden. If you are into gardening, there is always something to do. Garden is also the place for relaxation! Take a apple from the tree and find a comfortable place to sit and chat, or just listen to the birds.

  • VEGETARIAN FOOD During your visit you are also welcome to join us for lunch, or we can cook together if kitchen is you territory. As a bonus, we can give you lot of tips what else to do in Vaasa region!

How to book?

AVAILABILITY: Year around by request. Please note that maximum number of visitors is 4 people or one family and each visit can last up to 6 hours, depending on what you would like to do and how much you have time to spend.

SUITABILITY: Suitable for small groups and families traveling together. You are very welcome to come alone as well. All you need is an open and curious mind and a bit of flexibility as sometimes e.g. weather might prevent us of doing some of the activities listed above.

DURATION: max. 6 hours

PRICE: 40€/adult, 20€/child, 100€/family with 2 adults and 1 to 3 children from 7 to 17 years (including 24% VAT). Children younger than 7 years are free of charge.

Price includes hosting with selected activities and lunch. Return transport from Vaasa can be organized with additional 10€/person or 20€/family.

BOOK: Book and pay online or fill in the booking form and pay on arrival. Booking should be done at least 14 days before your preferred day of visit. If you are booking with short notice, please contact us to check the availability.


The address for the location is Munsmovägen 286 Solf. Please note that the navigators tend to find the address only in Swedish. There’s a sign in the crossing of Sulvantie and Munsmovägen saying Munsmo hamn. You should follow the sign to drive towards harbour until you will see number 286 on your right.

By public transport
The closest train and bus station is in Vaasa. There are some bus line running between Vaasa and Sulva and we are happy to advice you on how to find the suitable connection. The closest bus stop to us is about 3 km away, and we are happy to pick you up. It is also possible to cycle to us! The distance from Vaasa town is about 15 km and it takes about an hour to reach us.

Transport from Vaasa
We are happy to organize return transport from Vaasa city center. Contact us for more information on pick-up location and time.


SUstainability info

- Food prepared is vegetarian due climate reason. We are offering only fair-trade coffee and tea, and favor seasonal and local foods. Some of the vegetables come from our garden.

- Food waste is minimized and all bio-waste is composted. All rubbish is recycled.

- All of the daily necessities we use e.g. toilet paper, washing liquids etc. have the Nordic environmental label or eco-certification.

- Opportunity is given for cultural interaction and learning more about the cultural heritage of the area.

- Avoiding flying and using the train or bus to get to Vaasa is highly recommended. If you are into biking, you may also get to us by bike from center of Vaasa.

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