Spring is finally here and new inspiring breezes are blowing for Inzwa as well! Over the winter we have been brewing new ideas and directions for the business aiming to set a clear focus for the future.

Social responsibility, ecology and cultural diversity have always been important to us and we wanted to see how these values could be better put in practice as there is no genuine responsibility without deeds that turn good intentions and ideas into relevant action.

Hence we decided that recognized social and environmental issues need to be placed in the center of the business planning to see how contributing into sustainable development will be possible. In simple terms we should be able to generate positive impact and reduce the negative effects that outdoor activities and tourism have on climate and people.

As a result we have done and published our own responsibility programme that can be read on the responsible business page. Our goal is that all our activities are climate friendly and socially responsible, and promote sustainable development.

What is new?

On a practical level there are a several changes compared to previous.

  1. We have a new name! Because we have decided to focus in outdoor activities and courses in Finland, we have already taken a modified logo and name into use. Soon we will be also officially Inzwa Outdoor Activities and Nature Experience.

  2. We are following the principles of social enterprise meaning that majority of profit will be used for developing the business and seeking new and better means for promoting sustainable development. We are also committed to give 1% of profit to a conservation target starting from 2021.

  3. In Finland, there is a shortage of opportunities to learn outdoor skills and more about local flora and fauna in English enabling also newcomers to participate. Hence all our new nature courses are held in English and some are bilingual. Course contents are also designed to serve intercultural encounters.

  4. As a new business venture, we are planning to establish a backpacker accommodation that enables people to closely enjoy nature and connect with other adventurers with affordable price. More information coming up soon:)

  5. Most of our services are now bookable online making reservations easy and quick.

We are very excited about the upcoming season and looking forward to meet you,

Farayi and Kirsi

Ps. If you have similar thoughts or ideas we would love to hear from you. We are very open for cooperation suggestions.