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Looking for an opportunity for the whole family to spend a day together in nature in a beautiful conservation area? Something educative but fun for the family weekend or holiday? If so, this hike is for you, as the route is suitable for big and small and we have taken different age groups into account while planning the programme. During the day you will also experience a bit of bush cooking and learn interesting information of local history.



  • Experiencing true Finnish wilderness in safe hands

  • Educative and fun programme giving information of local nature, history, and a chance to try out your bush cooking skills

  • Something for each family member as programme takes into account different age groups


We will start our day exploring the Levaneva conservation area from the entry point by the Peräkylä parking lot, from where we will be slowly walking about 2 kilometers to Särkinen shed which will serve our base for the day. On our way we will stop to discuss about the flora and fauna and kids are more than free to ask questions and to share their own nature knowledge.

Särkinen farm located in the wilderness by the edges of Levaneva bogs used to be the home of two families until 1955. Remains of the last house are still visible in the meadow close to the shed serving visitors today. Hence Särkinen is an excellent place for getting the feeling of the past life in remote farms outside villages in Finland.

In Särkinen we will prepare lunch together. There will be small tasks for everyone while your guide Farayi will take the lead on cooking.

After lunch we will explore the surroundings by taking about 2-kilometer loop from the Särkinen cottage and back, and children will have small tasks for identifying some of the local flora and fauna. If you have smaller children that may not be able to walk the loop and after the way back to the cars, it is possible to stay in the cottage to play or rest by reading books until the rest of the group returns.

When returning to Särkinen we will have a small rest and children will get to listen a story telling about the history of the area. At the same time adults, and teenagers feeling that they are too big for stories, will have their coffee and tea break, and you will have an access to our sound guide offering more information about the history of the area.

In the late afternoon it is time to say goodbye to Särkinen and head back to our starting point where the hike finishes.


How to book?

AVAILABILITY: In 2019 from mid-May until end of September. Please note that we can take max. 4 families on the hike. 

SUITABILITY: The terrain is easy as we follow duckboards over the bog. It is however good to remember that we need to stay on the boards and running off-track is potentially dangerous and hence prohibited. In general this hike is suitable for families with old enough children able to walk at least 4 kilometers during the day. Keeping us all safe requires also ability to listen and follow instructions.

As parents you know your children best, and can estimate if this hike is suitable for them. Hence we are not setting any strict age limit for participation. Also younger children are welcome to participate free of charge if they are carried and constantly supervised by parents through the whole day. It is also good to acknowledge that there is no running water or electricity available. Särkinen however has a well that provides water suitable for cooking and washing.

DURATION: About 6 hours + travel time.

PRICE: Family package 150€ (including 2 adults and max. 3 children from about 5 to 17 years) (including VAT 24%).

Price includes guiding, lunch and tea/coffee/juice. We are happy to assist you with transport when necessary with additional price (return from Vaasa/Tervajoki 30€/family).

BOOKING AND PAYMENT: Please sign up for this hike minimum 14 days prior the requested day by booking and paying online or filling in the booking form and paying for the activity on the spot by cash or bank/credit card.

If you are booking with a short notice less than 14 days from the requested date, please contact us for checking the availability.


What to bring?

  • You will need to have comfortable outdoor clothing, and hiking or good walking shoes for moving in the forest and nature trails.

  • Please bring your own filled water bottle. It’s recommended to have about 1 liter/person.

  • Feel free to take your own snacks along.

  • Good general health is required to take part into activities.




You will find the right spot by navigating to Peräkylä in Kurikka. The parking lot is located by Tainuskyläntie and you will see a big board for Kurjenkierros and Levaneva conservation area as well as a P-sign on the right place.

By train
The closest train station is in Tervajoki. We are happy to organize return transport for participants arriving by train.

Transport from Vaasa

We are happy to organize return transport for participants without vehicle from Vaasa city center. Contact us for more information on pick-up location and time.


Sustainability info

- Group is kept small in order to mitigate the impact on nature during the hike.

- All rubbish is recycled and we are using bio-degradable cups and plates or cups and plates that are made of recycled material when it is necessary to use disposable dishes. We are also putting emphasis on minimizing waste.

- Food served during the hike is vegetarian due climate reasons. We are also favoring fair trade products and seasonal, locally produced vegetables. Food waste is minimized.

- We are highly recommending you to avoid flying. Vaasa is easily accessible by train, by bus or by boat from Sweden.

- Information about the environment and cultural heritage is offered during the hike.


Ready to book?