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Our outdoor skills for families is designed for you who have school age children and wish to learn new and usefull skills together with them. By participating into our course you will spend a fun and international weekend in nature, and get to meet other similar-minded families.



  • Basic outdoor skills for moving in nature with children

  • Safety and risk management skills

  • Information on local flora and fauna and every man’s rights in Finland

  • Tips on how to contribute to ecological sustainability


Our weekend course provides you the perfect introduction into most crucial outdoor skills you need to know when exploring and enjoying the Finnish nature. We put emphasis on individual learning and creating relaxed and encouraging environment for all participants.

Come as you are – there are no dumb questions on this course, but we’ll try out things together and learn from each other. During the course we will also learn from each others’ cultures through specially designed tasks, and children will be divided into smaller groups according to their age. Parents will also have well deserved breaks when the children have their own programme!

Accommodation will be organized in the Rajavuori Outdoor Center which provides basic beds, kitchen and bathroom facilities. Course menus are catering vegetarian diet, and are well-planned to fulfill nutritional requirements for growing children. Any other diets (also meat and fish) on request.

In order to support individual learning as well as to protect the environment, we wish to keep the group size small. Maximum number of participants for this course is 10 parents with a child/children, so book your place soon.

TIME: 12.-13.10.2019
VENUE: Rajavuori, Laihia (starting point for the Kurjenkierros hike, Levaneva natural protection area) located about 48 km from Vaasa city, and 30 km from Tervajoki railway station.

PRICE: 120€/adult, 60€/child (7 to 13 years) (including VAT 24%).

Price includes course material, teaching, three meals per day, accommodation, and VAT 24%. Return transport from Vaasa train station can be organized with additional 30 EUR fee/family (max. 5 members). Younger children (under 7) are welcome to join the course free of charge, but please note that the programme is planned only for age groups from 7 to 13 years.

REGISTER: By booking and paying online at latest on the 6th of October or filling in the booking form at latest on the 30th of September 2019. If you fill in the booking form we will send you an e-invoice. Course fee should be paid minimum 7 days prior the course.




  • Arrival to Rajavuori outdoor center in Laihia at 12.00

  • Settling in, unpacking the gear

  • Welcoming lunch, introduction and getting to know each other

  • Learning: What to do in an emergency situation? (e.g. being lost, getting hurt)

  • Outdoor task: Getting to know local flora and fauna (CHILDREN, adults have free time)

  • Outdoor task: Learning how to light a fire and fire-safety

  • Preparing and enjoying dinner together

  • Free time, opportunity to have sauna, chatting and relaxing by the evening fire


  • Breakfast

  • Learning: Introduction to every man’s rights in Finland and responsible behavior in nature

  • Outdoor task: group-assignments taking you on the hiking trail to test your knowledge

  • Preparing and enjoying lunch together, cleaning up and packing

  • Learning and outdoor task: Ecological sustainability − what can I do?

  • Tea, coffee and snacks

  • Outdoor task: Nature myths of different cultures (CHILDREN, adults have free time)

  • Closing up the course at 17.00



  • You will need to have comfortable outdoor clothing, and hiking or good walking shoes for moving in the forest and nature trails. We are also recommending you to have rain gear including gumboots.

  • You will need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding along.

  • Good general health is required to take part into practical activities.

  • You are welcome to bring own snacks along.



The address for the location is Rajavuorentie 136. There’s a sign in the crossing by the road E687 saying Rajavuoren erä- ja retkeilykeskus.

By train
The closest train station is called Tervajoki and the course timetable is built taking into account the train timetable. We are happy to organize return transport for participants arriving by train.

By bus
It is possible to get to Laihia by bus, but the buses do not run very efficiently during the weekends. In case of looking for suitable bus connection, contact us for more information.

Transport from Vaasa
We are happy to organize return transport for participants without vehicle from Vaasa city center. Contact us for more information on pick-up location and time.


Sustainability info

- Meals served during the course are primarily vegetarian due climate reason. We are also favoring fair trade products and seasonal, locally produced vegetables. Food waste is minimized.

- Products we use e.g. washing liquids, have an eco-certification or Nordic environmental label. All rubbish is recycled.

- Group is kept small in order to mitigate the impact on nature during the course activities.

- We are highly recommending participants to arrive to Vaasa/Tervajoki by using either bus or train and to avoid flying.

- Course learning includes information on how to enjoy nature in responsible manner and how to contribute into ecological sustainability.

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