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Be like a local

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Wishing to dive deeper into local life and to experience more than just a tourist? During travels it may not be easy to meet local people and get to know “the real life” − hence we want to open our door to visitors to spend a day at our home.

During the day you will have an opportunity to explore the surrounding nature and our friendly village, to see close by attractions, and to take part in our daily live as much as you wish.

We are a family of three living in a red wooden house in the village called Munsmo about 15 kilometers from Vaasa town. If you are looking for a truly local but at the same time global experience, you are knocking the right door! Two of us have been born in Vaasa, one in Harare, and together we have so far lived in four different countries, not to mention tens of countries we have lived and visited together or separately. English is our home language, and we are more than happy to meet different people from all over the world.

AVAILABILITY: Year around by request. Please note that maximum number of visitors is 4 people or one family and each visit can last up to 6 hours, depending on what you would like to do and how much you have time to spend.

SUITABILITY: Suitable for small groups and families traveling together. You are very welcome to come alone as well. All you need is an open and curious mind and a bit of flexibility as sometimes e.g. weather might prevent us of doing some of the activities listed above.

PRICE includes hosting, selected activities and lunch (+VAT 24 %). We are offering also a family package including 2 adults and 1 to 3 children from 7 to 17 years. Younger children are free of charge. You can also book return transport from Vaasa with additional price.

GOOD TO KNOW ABOUT BOOKING: Please sign up for this hike minimum 14 days prior the requested date. If you are booking with shorter notice than 14 days, please contact us for availability. Kindly remember to write the activities you are interested with in the “additional information” space in the booking form. Before booking, please go through Terms and Condition and our Privacy Policy.